Saturday, November 19, 2011

N8106-152 error in Netflix Media Center (RESOLVED)

Just about the time that Windows 7 SP1 came out, my Netflix Media Center add-on stopped allowing me to play titles, getting stuck on 7% in the loading process, then consistently erroring out with code N1806-152 for any title.

Streaming through any browser worked, so I knew it wasn't a Silverlight problem. After googling around long enough, I found two solutions: 1) clear your Netflix cookies, and 2) reset your IE9 personal settings.

Clearing your Netflix cookies isn't the same as clearing your browser cookies, it includes some Silverlight isolated storage data as well. In IE, visit and make sure you're signed out. Then go to, then close all your IE windows.

Now, in the Control Panel "Internet Options" advanced tab, click the "reset" button and check the "reset personal..." checkbox, then click ok. WARNING, this will reset all your IE customizations, but not your favorites or bookmarks, so you will have to re-enable and re-organize toolbars next time you open up the browser. Also, over in the "security" tab, clear all references to Netflix in the trusted sites list. Add * to this list, then click "ok" until you can close all browser windows again.

Finally, open up IE again and go to Netflix to stream a movie in your browser for approximately one minute. Then close out and try Netflix through Windows Media Center, and it should work again.

Doing both resolved my issues consistently on all computers that had the problem.


  1. Absolutely! This solved the problem. I had been looking around for days and nothing worked. Thanks!

  2. Works for me! Thanks for posting.

  3. I was able to skip a few steps but still got it to work. I did the clearcookies at the netflix site and Reset IE, but only the main reset. Nothing else.
    I have a home and work computer that got this problem at the same time (both worked fine before). Both have Windows 7 Pro. At home it cleared up by itself, but the following day at work the problem was still there. That's when I used this fix. Thanks.