Friday, November 13, 2009

WtvWatcher Article on

A new article on about WtvWatcher writes:

"For those looking for a simple solution to automatically convert WTV files to DVR-MS, it doesn’t get much simpler than WTVWatcher."
- and -

"...WTVWatcher performed flawlessly as expected."
- and -

"...WTVWatcher does what it was designed to do well and without any fuss or muss."

Nice to see I can write software that a) works, b) people like, and c) people share with others.


  1. Does not work. It worked for a week, then error messages started appearing for all conversions. Something like:

    Error converting... not a compatible dvr-ms format.

    Yet, the file converts fine from the Win 7 UI "Convert to dvr-ms"

  2. Timothy, after checking in with the community over at, it looks like you may want to unckeck the 'debug' option under the preferences screen.

    Let me know how it goes...

  3. Great app just what i was looking for. Working fine. One option i miss is that after conversion it deleted the wtv files. I would be nice if you could choose if you want that or not.